Refund Policy :

As AK Online owned by Info Pluto Media Works offers a platform to watch independent films and content using Points / Credits which can be obtained online using payment methods and other offers, which will be loaded on to your profile points / credit section which never expire until its used, we do not offer any refund on such payments unless and until you have some valid reasons for refunds. For such refunds pl. feel free to get in touch with us.

The refund can be provided only on genuine case to case situations, example (You have purchased points beyond what is needed by typo error etc. Otherwise no refund is provided. If users choose to delete their account if they are unhappy with our services, as a friendly gesture we shall refund back 80% of the Points worth to the user upon an official email request with bank account details of the user.

The Points can be used to barter for any content on the app and not for any other purposes. The users of AK Online are treated as AK Online, Community members and the recharges are considered as your support for the betterment of the independent filmmaking community.