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Watch Operation JuJuPi Full Movie

Operation JuJuPi

Watch Operation JuJuPi Full Movie on AK Online - OTT Platform. 

Cast : Chaams, Jagan, Badava Gopi, Vinodhini Vaidynathan, Santhana Bharathi, Manobala, Vaiyappuri, Venkat subha & more.

Crew : 
Directrion, Music, Sound & Color : Arunkanth
Cinematography : Sukumaran Sundar
Editor : Vinoth Sridhar

Synopsis : A common man's wild dream to transform the nation into a place of happy living with a magical master plan to bring political, electoral and constitutional reforms. A Political Fantasy. A Bi-Lingual (English & Tamil) Feature Film. Released in Cinemas on 4th Nov 2021 Diwali. Now Streaming on AK Online.

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Goko Mako

World's first & only feature film completely shot on GoPro. Written & Directed by Arunkanth. A Road-Trip Musical Comedy.

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